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Seress Rezső

(1900 - June 1969)

"A kis Seress"

and his famous




Gloomy Sunday

Gloomy sunday,
with hundred white flowers
in the chapel
, beloved one,
I waited in prayer.
That sunday morning,
my dreams were chasing.
Yet the chariot of my sorrow
came back without you.
Forever since then are
so sad all my sundays -
tears are my drink, and
the bread I eat sorrow.
Gloomy Sunday.

On my last Sunday, belovéd,
oh come to me!
There'll be a priest too,
a coffin, a catafalque, a shroud.
Also then, flowers will await you,
flowers - and a coffin.
Beneath flowering trees, I will
take my last ride.
And my eyes open wide
for a last glance upon you.
Don't be scared of my eyes,
still in death I will bless you...
Last Sunday.

(Transl. by A.W. Tüting)


Gloomy Sunday

Sadly one Sunday
I waited and waited
With flowers in my arms
All the dream has created
I waited 'til dreams,
Like my heart, were all broken
The flowers were all dead
And the words were unspoken
The grief that I know
Was beyond all consoling
The beat of my heart
Was a bell that was tolling
Saddest of Sundays

Then came a Sunday
When you came to find me
They bore me to church
And I left you behind me
My eyes could not see
What I wanted to love me
The earth and the flowers
Are forever above me
The bell tolled for me
And the wind whispered "Never!"
But you I have loved
And I'll bless you forever
Last of all Sundays

(Diamanda Galas' Version)




(Created in "Kulacs", Seress' famous song has been played for decades in "Kispipa", another small restaurant in Budapest)

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