He did not care
for showing up on the net ...

... although he obviously enjoyed being
called a good looking fellow - and this, in fact, he was! ...

... and he did not care about the passing of time - knowing that his was all the time on earth ...

But he did care for us and gave us all his trust without limits.
So it was hard to take him along on his last way - trying
to pretend that there was nothing - and avoiding
to look into his beautiful dear eyes ...

His benevolence let us live in his house, the large garden (that -
in his younger days - not in the least did satisfy his far reaching intentions !),
only for giving him food, service and our total affection ...

It was he, who - through more than nineteen years - gave the precious
assurance to me, that being in love not necessarily
has to be a soon vanishing, volatile feeling, as it usually
seems - thus also helping me to plumb the depth
of my own heart.

The whole poem of M. Eminescu

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