Sapéla Wókiksuye

Zur Erinnerung an unser Murli

In Memory of Murli

+ Jan. 27, 2005





Sapela wókiksuye

Igmula miṫawa k‘un waniyetu akezaptan na líla ḱúża ċa kte waṡi héċa yelo.
Hehe, wanna „Sapela“ ehanni t‘in na miṫawiċu kin na miye líla ċanteunṡica pi.
Unṫaigmu kin átaya sápa ċa laḱotuya „Sapela“ ewakiyin na iyaṡicaya „Murli“ eċiya pelo.
He igmula wan ċik‘ala na waṡte ċa héċa, ċanḱe nahanḣci ṫeca owanyanke.
Líla waṡteunlaka pelo.

Wanna wóżupi nahan ṫipi kin he nica pi, ċanḱe ṫima unkiṡnala pi.

Waniyetu yámni iṫokab he ṫimahel hi nahan ċanṫipi kin unkicu pi ċa gluha wéksuye lo.
Sapela miye hi kin un amakiṫo ċanḱe letan laḱol miċaże kin „Ṫaigmu akiṫo“ e yelo.
He óhinniyan wéksuyin kte!

Wókiksuye un le oweciwa yelo!



I remember,

one day, after coming by a couple of times, still reluctantly and tentatively she would step into our house - and decide to stay with us. Although she looked like a young kitten, we soon would learn that she was already thirteen. And she had quite a firm idea of her own of how things had to be...
Up to then, she had lived in our neighbourhood, so for about half a year I would take her back to her home each night - only to find her scratching at the door soon again and waiting for the morning to spend another day with us. She didn't care for the icy chill once awaiting our return on New Year's morning, or mind the hedgehog to share its food with her in our garden and on the neighbouring plots. At last, she had won and we "decided" that she could stay (as her people - unbelievable for us - obviously didn't really care about this loveable but headstrong little creature).

Actually, 'Murli' was special and even quite different from other cats:

It was she who decided to choose and adopt us, taking over our house and garden, my new armchair and my wife's bed. And it was she to tattoo me, thus reassuring that I will have to remember her for the rest of my life !

About two years ago, she had to undergo a surgery because suffering from cancer. Luckily she had some more carefree time to live ...

Of course, 'Sapéla' (Murli, Morle) was all black, had a nice little 'girlish' round face and very special eyes ...

We miss her capricious, strongheaded little personality.




Igmula Sapa

Schwarze Katze

Ein Gespenst ist noch wie eine Stelle,
dran dein Blick mit einem Klange stößt;
aber da an diesem schwarzen Felle
wird dein stärkstes Schauen aufgelöst:

wie ein Tobender, wenn er in vollster
Raserei ins Schwarze stampft,
jählings am benehmenden Gepolster
einer Zelle aufhört und verdampft.

Alle Blicke, die sie jemals trafen,
scheint sie also an sich zu verhehlen,
um darüber drohend und verdrossen
zuzuschauen und damit zu schlafen.
Doch auf einmal kehrt sie, wie geweckt,
ihr Gesicht, und mitten in das deine:
und da triffst du deinen Blick im geelen
Amber ihrer runden Augensteine
unerwartet wieder: eingeschlossen
wie ein ausgestorbenes Insekt.

(Rainer Maria Rilke)

Black Cat

A phantom is at least still like a place
against which your gaze bumps with a sound;
but here at this black fur
your most intense looking is dissolved:

like one frantic, as in full madness
he stamps into the black,
at the cell's behaving bolstering
would stop abruptly and evaporate.

All the looks that ever touched her,
appear to be concealed within herself,
so that, threatening and sullen over it,
she may observe and sleep with them.
Yet all at once, as if awakened,
she turns her face into the center of your own:
and unexpectedly you meet again your image
within the yellow amber of the rounded stones
of her eyes: completely enclosed
like an insect long extinct.

(transl. by A.W. Tüting)





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