Will we meet again ?

A german lawyer, well-known in the public because of his involvement and
struggle for animal rights for being free of pain, once told me, that if animals
will not have a place in heaven, he does not want to get there either ...

The great hungarian poet Alexander Petöfi in one of his poems is wondering,
if Sokrates, who had to drink the poison, perhaps might have gone to
the same place, where his executioner, who gave him the cup, had to go
- so they have met there.

Maybe all deceased creatures are gathering at the same "place" - and
we all, all beings, will come together.

And, finding again our beloved ones, restored to health and ever young,

- this might be heaven !

Others will be urged to look (for the first time now - and for evermore?)
with pity into the tortured eyes of all those, once mortal, creatures
- myriads of humans, and still much, much more animals -,
they never had sympathy with during their lifetimes, now
finally hearing their bitter groaning, their yelling with pain ...

- and this might be hell !

One thing I´d take for sure:

There will be one heaven for all creatures - or there will be no heaven at all !

... and we will have to meet all the animal creatures then, slaughtered
and tortured to death by us in terrible pain since the beginning of mankind -
this "human" way now in our days being "perfected"
and perverted to industrial standards !

Could anybody of us - although meeting our pets again - yet still find "heaven" there ?

Can we thoughtlessly or even callously still have our everyday´s meat dish
or breakfast egg, not thinking of the horrible transports of live cattle (or horses),
e.g. nonstop going across whole Europe down to the arabic countries of North Africa,
there arriving with animals to a high percentage already perished of thirst, the rest still
suffering and waiting for further torture ? ... the tiny layer batteries, where almost
featherless chicken with cropped beaks have to spend their short and miserable lives ?
etc., etc. ...

... Have you ever looked into the soft dark eyes of a cow,
... ever seen the pleasant contentment of a hen, with relish lying in its sunny sandpit ?

You can find sensitivity, feeling, soul and - if you give animals a chance for it -
even friendship and devotion - emotional abilities, not restricted to pets only !

And they do have the ability to suffer !
We will have to meet them again !

(Once grandmother´s pig has escaped from the hogpen and could not be found
for a while, when grandma, in the morning coming home from church, and the pig
bumped into each other on the street: My grandmother, calling the pig by its name,
kindly talked to it: "Hello, where are you going around - come home with me! " ...
... and the good natured animal obediently toddled home behind her like a doggy ...)

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