loi xelfanvycau pemci



poems without translation


.ije la le,Onidas. goi ko'a skunalka'e kamkli djuno le du'u cale cabdei
pu te friti lenu terckape sidju ko'a kei
noi tai le'e nunfriti cu manku gi'e xablau gi'e nalsatci
.i djuno le du'u ko'a pu fliba ti .i djuno le du'u na ba nunfriti remoi

(to fi'e la frants.verf,l toi)






words from 20 centuries

("Aki volt, már régen hagyott ...")


(The words of this experimental piece of text derive from about 2000 years of Chinese written language.
Although in this respect loosely composed, the stanzas follow the strict rules of ancient Lü-shih standardized
in T'ang dynasty - the tone patterns nevertheless are based on the pronunciation of modern Putonghua.
Additionally, it was pursued, as far as possible, not to use the same character more than once.
The romanization is in both Wade-Giles and old Gwoyeu Romatzyh.




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