Gottfried Benn
1886 - 1956


Stern und Blume, Geist und Kleid ...

The star is heaven's flower - the flower an earthly star, symbol of human longing and hope for transcendence, spirituality, immortality ...

Aster (lat.: star) is an almost magic metaphor in the work of G. Benn.
The second of the two poems below is a characteristic example for poetical expressionism: its topic is realistic and drastically harsh, its form irregular, often almost 'ugly', the language plain, precise and sometimes even rude.

'Kleine Aster' (Little Aster) is an expression of my own thoughts, reflections and feelings since first having attended forensic autopsies about 40 years ago. In my opinion, behind its rude outer appearence the poem's very content and message is in fact of a considerable humane sensitivity.








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